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At our Ford Service Center, you gain access to certified technicians that understand your precious vehicle. Even if you are in Orlando or Kissimmee, you’ll find it’s a quick drive to visit us in Clermont, Florida. The team at Ford of Clermont is always standing by to provide superior service and quality repairs. Schedule your maintenance or repair appointment today to see what makes us different.

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Ford Auto Repair

Owning a vehicle isn’t always as wonderful as it’s cracked up to be. There will come times when you face a repair, whether it be minor or major. During this stressful time, you need a team that will reduce your burdens. Our Ford Service Center team goes above and beyond to ensure your car is properly taken care of.

As factory-trained technicians, our mechanics understand the inner workings of your vehicle like no one else could. For this reason, all repairs are done right the first time. Beyond that, your car is never sitting in the shop longer than it should because our technicians are fully equipped to get the job done quickly.

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Ford Oil & Filter Change

One of the most critical maintenance tasks that must be done regularly is the oil and filter change. At our Ford Service Center, you can count on being in and out during this maintenance appointment. Our team gets the contaminated oil drained in record time and has the system filled up with fresh oil before you even get comfortable.

We can also discuss the differences between synthetic and conventional oil, so you know your car is getting what it needs. Check your maintenance schedule with us to ensure the car gets an oil change at proper intervals.

Ford Certified Service

Because our team has been certified by Ford, you don’t have to wonder if we know what we are doing. The team at our Ford Service Center are complete experts, with a vast knowledge of the latest technologies and systems.

Additionally, we continue investing in the most advanced diagnostic and repair equipment. With this investment, your appointments are completed faster and more accurately, for complete peace of mind.

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Ford Brake Service

If you want your car to stop when you push on the brake pedal, it’s important to get regular brake maintenance and repair at our Ford Service Center. The brake pads, rotors and fluid must be changed regularly for reliable performance. Otherwise, your stopping time and braking function will be greatly diminished.

If you notice any strange signs with the braking system, it’s best to have it checked out. Otherwise, schedule brake maintenance during the intervals set out in the schedule for your particular Ford model.

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Ford Battery Service

The car battery ensures the vehicle starts when you head out for work in the morning. If there’s no charge left in the battery, you will be stranded until you can get help. However, it’s possible to avoid this problem by getting a regular battery inspection at our Ford Service Center in Clermont.

We can check the battery health and replace it before it dies. Most car batteries will last four to five years, when properly cared for. There are also different types of batteries, which is why it’s imperative you work with a qualified technician when it comes time for a replacement.

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Ford Tire Service

Understanding that the tires are the only part of your car that touches the road helps you to see how valuable regular maintenance and repair is from our Ford Service Center. With a regular tire inspection, we can ensure that the tire pressure and tread is ideal for your everyday travels. If the tread is wearing oddly, we can perform a tire rotation to even it out and extend the life of the rubber.

When the time comes to get new tires, we have the best selection for you. Plus, our trained technicians know how to perform the replacement with haste, ensuring you never wait longer than necessary.

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Ford Wheel Alignment Service

With the help of our factory-trained service technicians, you can have the smoothest on-road ride possible. With regular alignment service, the wheels are perfectly positioned for a remarkable ride. Our Ford Service Center has the latest equipment to ensure a perfectly calibrated alignment.

Additionally, we make it easier to afford all of your Ford Service Center needs. With our Ford Protect Extended Service Plans, you don’t have as much of a financial burden when you take care of your vehicle. Discuss all of your maintenance and service needs with the technicians at Ford of Clermont today.

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